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Los Angeles has so many things to do. Visit our website to book your cheap flights to LA to visit all the top attractions here.

The second largest city in America and the largest city in California is a wonderful city and sprawling metropolis. This blog can give you an idea of where to stay and have food that fits your budget.

cheap flights to LA

Budget hotel price:

The cost of a budget hotel starts from around $65 for a night. Hotels with this cost will provide you with private bathrooms, air conditioning and also free Wi-Fi. You can also find sharing rooms that may cost you around $20 per night and for a shared home, it might cost you around $60 per night. Plan for vacation in prior and book your cheap flights to LA through our website.

Food Cost:

Los Angeles has every cuisine you are looking for. You can find many sit down restaurants that will offer you meals starting from around $20. You can also feast on fast foods that will cost you around $7-$10. Los Angeles is home to many farmers market who can offer you the best fruits and vegetables which you can get all these in the market for a cheaper rate. Mid-range restaurants can cost you around $10-$15 for a meal or drink. Book your cheap flights to LA and plan a budget-friendly trip.


Los Angeles is a very big city. With so much of traffic, it will take time to reach any place than the time you planned. LA is not a public transport friendly city. Public transport exists here. Metro is also available but does not cover many places. A single fare can cost you around $1.75 which can be purchased from the wending machines at the stations. Uber x can cost you $1 per mile. Taxis have a basic cost of $3.

Top attractions of LA:

  1. Universal studio Hollywood- is a theme park with many mind blowing rides created based on movie themes.
  2. Disney land resort- is a family vacation destination with rides and hugely created theme sets.
  3. Hollywood- is a unique destination with historic and iconic sets and is closely associated to the film industry. The hill side Hollywood symbol is a very famous icon of this place
  4. Santa Monica- best destination for a chic and laid-back time. You can take some surfing time, skateboards and also enjoy the beaches.

There are many such attractive places in and around Los Angeles. Visit or call us at +1-855-619-0080 to book you cheap flights to LA.

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