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Privacy Policy


The privacy policy of our website gives a gist of the information processing that happens within our website. We collect certain details from our users and provide them to third-party affiliates either for verification or for making a purchase transaction. If you do not agree to any of our terms kindly exit the website. On proceeding to use this website you agree to our privacy statement and the terms and conditions by default.

Data Collection

Data collection is done by our website to fulfill the service we provide to our users. We will not be able to complete a reservation or a purchase operation without getting the necessary details from our customers. There are two options for making a reservation; the user can do it on the website or ask a customer care executive to do it for them. Either way they will have to provide the following details.

Personal information

The users can fully trust our website before providing the following details such as name, address, email address, contact number, age, photo ID, passport details and other necessary information. We collect all these details only to make a booking with the airline operator on behalf of our website’s customer.

Payment credentials

To complete the transaction, the users will be requested information regarding their debit/credit card and the relevant information for validating the purchase. When users are unable to read any text or number in their card, then we will complete the booking after they send us a copy of the transacting card. These payment credentials will not be shared with anyone else and will be kept extremely confidential.


The website makes use of cookies to save information like your login details or other credentials that are provided by the user. We will not be able to complete any transaction if cookies have been blocked by your system. Kindly unblock cookies from our website.

Information about user location

Based on users’ location we may publish special offers to customers visiting our website. In such cases, the users may be requested to provide their location details. This is not mandatory and is a choice left to our users while simply browsing the website. But once you are going to make a reservation with us, we will require your location details to complete the booking.

Third-party affiliates

Other websites that publish their information on our website are called third-party affiliates. These websites are covered by a separate privacy statement and do not come under the terms of our policy. Only the user will be accountable for using information from such associates. We cannot be held responsible or legally liable for any discrepancies in their information or their website.


All information provided to our website will remain strictly confidential. We only do a verification of the details provided by the users and do not sell it to other vendors. The only time when we would disclose these details is when the user has violated any of the terms or conditions present in our website. The details will be handed over to the competent authorities who are looking into the issue.