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Using our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of use (will here onwards be referred to as Cheapairlinedeals User Agreement, or simply “Agreement”). We reserve all rights to update this Agreement at any time without any prior notice to an effect. Make sure to read the Agreement carefully every time before using our website for the latest terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this Agreement, then kindly abstain from using our website or the services provided by us.

The Cheapairlinedeals website is operated by Travelmax LLC, (a Florida Limited Liability Company), Florida Seller of Travel, license number ST39634.

We do not guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the information published on our website. Information regarding the flights and their related details are obtained directly from the airline operator. The website cannot be held liable for any erroneous information present on our site. Instabilities in currency exchange rates may lead to variations in the airfare until ticketed. We will not be responsible for such unforeseen changes. The airfare for both domestic and international flights will be displayed in United States Dollars on our website. Destination city, type of class, time of departure, day of departure, selection of airline and other factors are major contributors for the offers and deals that can be availed through our website.


In general, an air ticket is not inclusive of the baggage fee unless it is mentioned explicitly. First class tickets are premium tickets and are available only with select airlines, whereas a Business class ticket will be available on all airlines. The price of any ticket is bound to variations prior to ticketing. This may happen due to one or several reasons put together. Our website will take all efforts to inform the passenger about the fare change before proceeding to the purchase transaction. Kindly visit the airline’s website to acquire the necessary information regarding the type of ticket you wish to purchase or other airline specific FAQ.


Once you make a reservation for a ticket on our website, an auto generated reservation confirmation message will be sent to the passenger. The reservation is confirmed only after a ticket purchase has been made and the passenger receives the ticket through e-mail, otherwise the reservation cannot be guaranteed by us. The airfare fluctuations post reservation will not be the financial liability of the website. You have all the rights to cancel your reservation in such cases of fare increase but we do not allow cancellation after the purchase of a ticket. The flight’s schedule may be altered up to 72 hours prior to the journey. It is the responsibility of the customer to take note of such changes and make their own alternate arrangements.


A confirmed ticket that has been paid for cannot be transferred or refunded unless it is explicitly mentioned. Cancellations within a 24 hour period can be done by contacting the website’s representatives at +1-855-619-0080. If the booking is more than 24 hour old, then we cannot guarantee a refund or for the matter a cancellation. For the purpose of getting a refund on your cancelled ticket, you will be charged a cancellation fee by the airline. Apart from this, you will have to pay a separate processing fee to the website to process your refund request. If the airline does not transact your refund, then we will not be charging a processing fee. There are instances where the passengers may be denied a refund and they include denied boarding due to security or other reasons, a “no show” or a delay due to some other reason. In these cases the entire amount will have to be forfeited by the passenger.

Name change and travel date change cannot be done with air tickets. Once a ticket has been issued with a wrong spelling, it has to be cancelled and a fresh booking has to be made with the correct spelling which may be subject to availability. The same condition holds good for a date change.

For refund approves cancellations, the airline will issue a credit to its passenger. This credit has to be used by the same passenger, with the same airline and within a stipulated period of time. While making a second booking with the airline credit in hand, you may be asked to bear the fare difference in the new booking (if any). In order to get hold of a refund, one must first make a cancellation request by calling the office of Cheapairlinedeals. You may give a call to our customer support team for further verifications on this issue.


If you wish to obtain a refund for your cancellation, then the following conditions will have to satisfied; 1. Traveler has applied for a cancellation with refund and there is a provision for the same by the airline. 2. Traveler should have applied for the cancellation prior to the departure date and time. 3. Waivers are obtained by the website from the airline to process the cancellation and facilitate a refund.

We do not guarantee a refund within any given time frame as this involves the airlines’ rules and policies. Once we receive a refund request from you, we will send an acknowledgement to you. Receiving this acknowledgement does not mean that you are guaranteed a refund. To process your refund request, the website will charge a separate processing which is different from the service fee charged during the reservation. The service fee is a non-refundable amount, even for a cancelled ticket with a refund. All the queries are processed consecutively and we do not entertain any passenger seeking a priority in this issue. Then final refund amount is decided by the airline and the website and it will be directly credited to the passenger’s account.


You hereby authorize our website and its representatives to make use of your credit or debit card information to make an airline ticket purchase on your behalf. The amount displayed on our website once you have made a selection of your preferred tickets is inclusive of all taxes and you will be charged only for that amount by our website. To prevent any fraudulent transactions by third parties, we do a verification with your respective bank and cross verify the personal details provided by you, which may include name, contact details, billing address and card details. While making a reservation on behalf of someone else, you should make sure that the actual passenger is aware of the terms and conditions of our website whenever applicable. You will have to take up financial liability while making such reservations. To avoid any legal actions against you, always provide information to the website which is accurate, complete and current.


The website will display an airfare next to your selection. This fare however does not include the baggage fee, unless we openly state it. Excess baggage is a term used to describe any baggage carried in excess to the allowed upper limit of the airline. Passengers with an extra baggage will have to pay a specified charge directly to the airline. The amount to be paid for the extra baggage varies from one airline carrier to another and depends on the size and weight of the luggage. Airline operators charge approximately in the range of $15 and $200 for any excess baggage and the website does not have any say in this matter.


To maintain the integrity of the services we provide, the website takes all efforts to ensure the safety and security of our customers. During the ticket purchase process, the details that are provided to us by the passengers are evaluated using a third party database. If the database does not have any of your information, then we try to directly contact your credit or debit card providing bank to complete the verification process. All of this is done only to ensure your security during transactions and this will in no way be a credit check and this process will not reduce your credit rating. According to the terms of the website, you acknowledge and concur to the fact that the personal details provided by you will be used to perform transactions on your behalf. This information will also be shared with a Credit Reference Agency, which may store your details either in part or whole. In some cases, the passengers will be requested to provide a photocopy of the actual credit or debit card by our officials to permit us to perform a particular transaction. All personal details obtained from the customer will be kept extremely confidential unless we wish to take any legal actions against the customer.


Different nations have different entry conditions for passport, visa or heath. It is up to the passengers to meet these entry criteria during an international travel or even during transit. The food habits, dressing styles and other living standards will be very different in other countries and it is the responsibility of the traveler to be equipped to meet any adversities. Passengers belonging to any nation must carry the photo ID issued by the government of your country. The photo ID will be required for a valid entry into other countries or for a security clearance in your own country. Apart from this, the photo ID may be required at the hotel where you are going to stay and for other transport requirements. Check with the consulates of the countries that you visit during your travel to clarify any doubts. You cannot request for a refund if you are detained, deported or denied boarding in any country. Gaining a passport and a visa is a lengthy process, so make sure you have yours ready at least a fortnight before your departure date.


New laws effective from January 23rd, 2007 have been laid by the Homeland Security Department of the United States to govern the entry of people into the United States by air. They have made it mandatory for all American and Canadian citizens to carry their passports during an international travel.

Additionally, you have to ensure that your passport has a validity greater than 6 months from the return date of your journey. This is done to reduce delays in the US Immigration.


If any dispute arises between the customer and Cheapairlinedeals, then kindly contact our office at +1-855-619-0080 or e-mail us at info@cheapairlinedeals.com to resolve the dispute in a fair, quick and cost-effective manner. Otherwise, the website will resolve any claim, controversy or dispute arising from the use of the site, the site’s terms and conditions, or the breach, interpretation, termination, enforcement or validity thereof, or the relationship between the customer and the website, in accordance with the subsections below or as otherwise mutually agreed by both the parties in writing.


The above mentioned terms and conditions and the rights of the parties hereunder shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, United States of America, exclusive of conflict of choice of law rules. The customer agrees that any claims shall be brought into a court located in Hillsborough County, Florida, United states of America. All claims must be brought to court within two (2) years from the date on which such claim arose or accrued, unless otherwise prohibited by the applicable law.


The Claims brought against the website must be resolved in accordance with the “Dispute Resolution” section. All Claims that do not conform to this section shall be considered improperly filed and void. If the customer’s Claim is not in accordance with this section, then the website may recover from the customer the attorney fees on behalf of the website and costs up to $10,000, provided that the website will notify the customer in writing that the Claim was improperly filed, and the customer should promptly withdraw the Claim.