Anniston Alabama Vacation

Anniston Alabama Vacation

Working 24/7 to meet your deadlines can be interesting today but in the long run you will realize that you didn’t make enough memories for your life. Make new memories and start spending some quality time with your family. Take that much needed break from work and start travelling to some amazing holiday destinations in our own country. You shouldn’t worry about air fares as we have special deals and offers that can be customized according to your needs. So what are you thinking about? What destination to fly to next? We have an offbeat location that you would want to try. Apart from cheap airfares, you will also find some of the most cost-effective accommodations. We are talking about an Anniston Alabama vacation.

Anniston Alabama Vacation

Spend your trip in this isolated tourist spot for this city has a population of mere 25,000 people. Away from the crowded streets and the noise, you will find a haven here. Though Anniston has a very notorious history to it (the burning of the Freedom Riders bus happened here), it is a much calmer and otherwise peaceful city.

Once you book your air tickets with us and zero in on an accommodation, you need a small list of the things you can do during your vacation. Even if it’s only a leisure trip, you might want to see some famous places just so you can boast to your friends about your visit. In tribute to the Freedom Riders, there is a monument built here. It is called the Freedom Riders National Monument situated in Gurnee Avenue.

The Anniston Museum of Natural history has nearly 2000 permanent exhibits of fossils, minerals, and some rare animals. If you have interest in geography or a general curiosity about our earth, then don’t miss this really informative museum. Other places to visit for nature lovers include the Longleaf Botanical Gardens and the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge.

Willing to learn some world history that you missed out in school? Here’s a chance for you to your Anniston Alabama vacation to relearn some world history in the Berman Museum of world history. Some of the wall places in Anniston are the Cold water-covered bridge, the world’s largest Office chair, Coldwater Mountain and the Big Oak Mountain. Camp with your friends in one of these mountains or maybe even take up some daytime trekking into the wilderness. But make sure you are with someone who is familiar with the place as there are possibilities of you getting lost. Pick up your rucksacks and get ready to conquer this wilderness soon. Get our best offer from or call @ 1-855-619-0080.

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